The Adventures of Harley

From Hong Kong and Beyond...

In The Beginning


Life wasn't always as great as it is today.  In the beginning I was brought into this world to be sold to the highest bidder.  Although I was purchased for alot of money, when I was 4 months old the humans decided I was too much trouble.  I was in 4 homes before I was 5 months old and then they abandoned me to a petshop cage to wait to be resold.  I grew soooo fast that I grew into the bars of my cage!

There were deep cuts up and down my back and tail, sores on my paws, my spine started to deform from the small cage and my fur began to fall out.  Then, if life wasn't bad enough, they stopped giving me dog food and only gave me bits of rice because I was too expensive to feed.

A very nice human lady came into the petshop and begged them to let me go or she was afaid I would die.  We had 24 hours to get me to my foster home because the petshop threatened to have me "put to sleep."  I didn't think a nap was a bad idea, but I learned later that it really was a bad thing.

MY First Week Home
Thin, Tired, Sore...but Happy!!

Bath Time-
Not Fun but Necessary

My foster family acted quickly and took me in.  For the first time I can remember, I ate...and ate, and ate, and ate!!  I ate 14 cups of food a day for many months.  I also got my first bath, a box full of toys and lots of brothers and sisters to play with.

I forgot what it felt like to be hungry, in pain, lonely and abandoned.  I love helping my Mom talk to people about thinking BEFORE they get a pet, not after.  For some reason, when I talk, people listen!

Before you get a pet, THINK...

1. How much do I know about the pet I want?

2. How long will my pet live?

3. How much time can I spend with my pet?

4. Can I care for my pet if it gets sick?  Can I afford the Vet bills?

5. What if I move?  Can I take my pet with me?

6. Can I take care of my pet for its WHOLE life? (3 years, 8 years, 15 years or more??)

"These are some great questions to start asking yourself so another pet doesn't end up like I did." 

Thanks for listening!

Big slobbers,


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