The Adventures of Harley

From Hong Kong and Beyond...

VIDEOS and Photos

Who knew I had such a great singing voice?!?

My human sister and I LOVE to play.

She's actually my favorite toy!

This is my Kat brother Colby when he was a kitten.  I tried to tell Mom he would be trouble, but did she listen?  Thankfully my little sister barked and chased Colby away!

Here I am again trying to protect our family against another possessed foster Kat.  This one got a great home but I had to teach it a thing or two first!

This is my cousin Luca.  He had a really bad start in life like me but my family rescued him and now he lives in the United States with my human grandparents.  Here we are playing.  Luca was the best.  He is the only dog who ever really liked to play with me.  Mom would have kept the video going but she decided she needed to use the computer!

My first commercial for the Cartoon Network in Hong Kong!

Snow?  In Texas???  Not sure I like this but we'll see...

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